Liberty’s Promise is pleased to present Civic Engagement for Beginning English Language Learners (CE-BELL), a modified version of our Civics and Citizenship after-school program, which is explicitly designed for this steadily growing population of low-level (I-II) ESOL students. The vision for CE-BELL is to create an environment that inspires our immigrant youth  to dream bigger and explore the endless opportunities this country offers them. This program is run entirely in Spanish and through this approach, students will leave each session with a greater sense of confidence in themselves knowing that their strengths and cultural diversity is valued. Successful immigrant  guest speakers will be invited and they will share their stories with our youth to instill motivation and encouragement into their lives. A component of English-Language Learning will be built into each session and all the activities are designed to be of most use and relevance to the community’s newest arrivals. CE-BELL provides the perfect opportunity for students to develop self-worth, as well as help them set personal goals, improve attendance, and ensure diploma completion.

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