Chanming, 19-year-old from China

Chanming, a quiet and shy young man originally from China, joined our Wheaton civics program as a student who wanted to learn more about college. He had never really volunteered before and was not aware of the amount of service learning hours needed to graduate from high school. Through the Civics & Citizenship program, Chanming became an active volunteer and began his preparation for college. He has returned as a volunteer to the Wheaton civics program, serving as a mentor for our new participants helping them understand and feel at home in the American system.

He has also become very active in the junior workshops hosted by College Tracks. Chanming first became familiar with College Tracks when the organization visited the Wheaton program. According to Karen Tcheyan, Program Coordinator of College Tracks at Wheaton High School, “Chanming is so far ahead of the game now that he is helping other juniors with the college process.”

Since learning about volunteer and internship opportunities, he first interned and continues to volunteer at the Gilchrist Center for Cultural Diversity. At Gilchrist, he has participated in the Go Club, assisted in English conversational classes and helped teach Chinese adult students computer basics. As another example of Chanming’s eagerness to help, he designed a large curtain made completely of beads that displays the Gilchrist Center logo (adjacent photo). His supervisors were greatly impressed by and thankful for his hard work and continued dedication to the Gilchrist Center.

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