“Liberty’s Promise has helped give me more courage to not be afraid and to try new things.”  17-year-old Cameroonian participant

Civics and Citizenship complements the internship learning experience, increasing students’ confidence and reinforcing the values of responsibility, professionalism,and citizenship. It was developed in the belief that all citizens have a responsibility to participate in civic life. The program seeks to combat the isolation and other difficulties that affect new members of society.

Offered in the spring and fall, Civics and Citizenship is a 10-week fun, interactive civic education program that focuses on how democracy functions in the United States. The course stresses the function of local government, issues of access and accountability, and the interaction that young citizens have with their local officials. Unlike typical classroom civics courses, immigrant youth gain first-hand knowledge of local government and the benefits of civic participation through field trips to the local courthouse, county government offices and police and fire stations. In addition, prominent members of the immigrant community are invited on a weekly basis to share their experiences and offer advice to the students. Upon completion of the course, students have a greater understanding of American democracy and are equipped with the knowledge and skills to become active participants in their local communities.

To date, 3,079 immigrant youth have participated in this program!

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