Monica, 18 year-old Salvadoran immigrant


It was by chance that Monica began participating in the Liberty’s Promise Civics and Citizenship program at her high school.  After school one day, Monica’s friend explained that she couldn’t walk home with Monica because she had joined a new program.  Not wanting to walk alone, Monica went with her friend having heard only that this program was “fun.”  After this, Monica ran for President of Liberty’s Promise (and won!) and even organized a final activity for her LP classmates.

As a senior, Monica is busy with school (learning about and practicing teaching skills) and she has helped to organize International Nights at school.  For Monica, Liberty’s Promise helped her understand the importance of volunteering—not just for herself, but for her community.  Monica says that it is the local neighbors and friends that she misses most from El Salvador, after she and her family immigrated in 2005.  Besides the great food, Monica misses being able to speak her native language freely with others.  Her most difficult moments were when she first attended a local elementary school after arriving: “I spoke almost no English and I was put in this classroom with kids who look like me but didn’t want to speak to me.  I didn’t understand why the teachers and even the other students didn’t want to help me.”

Monica has persevered and recently finished submitting her college applications.  She hopes to study both Education and Spanish so that she can help students like herself as an ESOL or foreign language teacher.  In the meantime, Monica will continue being a active member of Liberty’s Promise as she plans for the next steps in her future.

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