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America’s democratic traditions, economic freedom, and political choices continue to bring hundreds of thousands of immigrants to our shores each year. The chance to succeed and the chance for a better life has shaped and continues to shape the hopes and aspirations of our newest citizens. However, many newcomers remain unable to take advantage of the potential benefits and opportunities to develop their talents and unique gifts.

The continued strength and vitality of our nation depend in part on the fulfillment of our promise to new American youth. As the wave of our national future, they will strengthen our social fabric by not only remaining connected to their original cultures and beliefs, but also by participating fully in this country’s civic life. Liberty’s Promise will provide young newcomers with basic support as well as educational and professional opportunities. At the same time, we believe that promoting active community involvement and civic education will strengthen their resolve to become engaged and responsible citizens–to take part in democratic government.

We strive to provide each young immigrant with the freedom to pursue his or her personal American Dream: earning a college degree, entering their chosen profession, raising a family, or living where they wish. By demonstrating the potential for individual choice and success in this country, our newest citizens, with an unwavering belief in the liberty that brought them here, will continue to help sustain and inspire the American democracy for generations to come. In turn, they will also stand as living examples of the value and worth of our democratic traditions.

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