Raul, 16 year-old from El Salvador


When we first met Raul, he seemed distant and shy. In fact on the first day of our civic education program, we found him sitting alone, away from the rest of the group. It wasn’t long before we noticed a remarkable change. He went from quiet and withdrawn to engaged and confident. In fact, his self-esteem grew so much that he decided to participate in our internship program, despite saying that he wouldn’t at the beginning of the program. Liberty’s Promise was able to place him at the Montgomery County Senior Connection, an opportunity that would normally be unpaid and inaccessible. “He is such a delightful young man,” said Sue Dollins, the Executive Director of the organization, “This has been a wonderful experience. I couldn’t ask for a better candidate. This is a wonderful thing you are doing for nonprofits.” This newly confident young man created all of the Senior Connection’s Hispanic outreach and in the summer of 2008, he even created an advertisement for a local Latino newspaper.

Beatriz Jorge Monica
Chanming Joseph
Faranha Raul

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