“It’s been hard for me to present the speakers because I’m kind of shy.  Liberty’s Promise has helped me to be more confident in myself.”
– 16-year-old participant from El Salvador

Since we started work in August 2005, Liberty’s Promise has served more than 4,000 young immigrants from 117 different countries through internships and civic education. We believe the experiences of our participants offer a compelling demonstration of our impact. Each one of our young immigrants has a story, and sometimes it is not a pretty one. We work with refugees from war-torn countries and asylees fleeing political persecution — young people who lost everything to civil strife. We also help youth born here to immigrant parents, young people whose parents cannot help them explore a career because they work multiple jobs to keep a roof over the family’s head. We believe the best we can do is give these young people an opportunity — a chance to work, to learn about the civic life of their communities, and to achieve their American Dream. What follows is the path that some of our participants have taken to achieve those dreams

Read about some of our young people:

Beatriz Jorge Monica
Chanming Joseph
Faranha Raul

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