Since 2005, we’ve served 2,714 immigrant youth (ages 15-21) representing 104 countries through our three core programs:

Civics and Citizenship – This is our largest program and serves at least 320 immigrant youth annually in the DC Metro Area.   The goal of the program is for youth to become civically engaged in their community, realizing they have an important role to play in our community. The program increases youths’ school attendance, engagement, and self-esteem. This program is completely free for youth, and LP provides a meal for youth at each session and covers their transportation expenses. Since 2005, we have served 2,234 immigrant youth through this program.

CE-BELL – Civic Engagement for Beginning English- Language Learners(CE-BELL), our newest program, follows the format of Civics and Citizenship, but focuses on youth who have no or very limited English language skills, and includes an English language learning component. The program, delivered entirely in Spanish, exposes our newest immigrants to American civic life and encourages their involvement in their communities early on. In CE-BELL, youth meet successful immigrants who can inspire them, and participate in field trips, community service projects and hands-on activities to build a sense of belonging in their new country. Since 2013, we have served 243 youth through CE-BELL.

Opportunities Plus – This program places low-income, documented, immigrant youth, ages 15-21, in eight week unpaid internships with local businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits. Prior to their internship placements, youth participate in a four-hour job skills workshop, where they develop a cover letter, resume, and interview skills. LP provides participants with a modest allowance to cover their food and transportation costs for the unpaid internship.  To date, 633 youth have gained professional skills, workplace knowledge, and confidence in their abilities through this program.

Anything & Everything! We help our participants, and by extension their families, with literally anything and everything they need. We connect them to job opportunities, youth leadership programs, scholarship programs, financial aid programs, housing, legal, or tutoring services, volunteer opportunities and on and on. Whatever they need or request, we help find the answer for them, walking them through the system and giving them the reins to maneuver on their own. In this capacity, we’ve provided an additional 647 services in just three years alone.

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